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Synchronous Laser Processing

Under the main topic “Synchronous Laser Processing”, we will show you, using a practical example, how easily a new laser processing concept could be realized within a very short time using a single newly developed COP module.


Due to various customer requirements such as lasering of complicated geometries or the need for an extended laser processing field, Indel has developed a new COP module with the product name COP-SHC (Scan-Head Control Interface) for synchronous laser processing.

The COP-SHC module was developed especially for the integration and control of laser scan heads of different manufacturers, for example systems from Arges or SCANLAB. From now on, various 3D laser scan heads can be controlled synchronously with other actuators such as multi-servo drives and I/O systems.

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The picture below illustrates which standard products have been used together with the newly developed solution to produce a prototype for demonstration purposes.

Russikon, March 2019