Indel Software Highlights 2023

Release 23.4.0

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SPS - Smart Production Solutions 2023

Many thanks for your visit to our booth in Nuremberg

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Software Development

Thanks to our involvement in many customer projects and our developing of our own software tools, frameworks and embedded systems, the Indel software team offers a wide range of specialist knowledge.

Software developers at Indel have a very varied range of duties. The programming languages used vary from modern high-level languages such as C++, Java and C# through script languages such as Python and Lua to assembly language. For this a diversity of frameworks and operating systems are used, including wxWidgets, Qt, WPF, Eclipse, Windows and Linux.

Through ongoing customer contact we ensure that our software division never produces abstractions but rather stays close to practical solutions to real problems.


Complete development of machine software concepts

Prototype/base software

Development of a software prototype or software basis


Creation of customer-specified software components, including maintenance and ongoing development


Support for transferring existing software onto the Indel system

Compatibility layer

Creation of compatibility layers in order to run existing software on Indel systems