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GIN-TTL Digital Interface

 60 freely configurable GPIOs

✓ Universal,  flexibel and economical

 With Pins or sockets strips available


The GIN-TTL is a universally applicable digital I/O module. The card has 60 inputs or outputs with LVCMOS level. With the standard firmware, 60 freely configurable GPIOs are available. Additional functions can be built in through customer-specific FPGA firmware; e.g. interrupt inputs and outputs. The GIN-TTL module is a very flexible and cost-effective interface between existing third-party devices and the GinLink.

Digital 3,3V inputs / outputs:

Number of inputs / outputs


I/O signaling standard


Voltage level

3,3 V

Max. output current per output

4 mA

Output circuit



Xilinx Spartan6


with pins 60x60x25 mm (LxWxH)
with socket strips 60x60x20 mm (LxWxH)

Logic power supply:


3,3 VDC ± 10 %

Power consumption (min / typ / max)

180 /250 / 350 mA

The above data applies to Indel's standard FPGA firmware.

Label: GIN-TTL

Indel-Nr.: 611246700

GIN-Slave with 60 IOs off Spartan6 FPGA
with pins

Label: GIN-TTL
Option: BL

Indel-Nr.: 611246705

GIN-Slave with 60 IOs off Spartan6 FPGA
with socket strips