Indel-Software Highlights

Release 21.3.0

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UL 61800-5-1 Conformity

for GIN-SAC4 Servo-Drives

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Safety Consultation and Development

Indel AG develops customer-specified projects that include safety functions conforming to the applicable safety standards.

This includes safe hardware and safe software modules based on the Indel INOS operating system.


Joint development of safety concepts


Development of safe hardware and safe software


Standards supported: EN-ISO 13849, EN 61800-5-2, EN 61508

Heating regulator

Safe heating regulator with dual-channel temperature detection and dual-channel power cut-out conforming to EN-ISO 13849-1, category 3, PL d

Measurement system

System for safe measurement of cell voltages on an electrolyser conforming to EN SIL 1, PL c

Servo drives

Servo drives with safe torque off (STO) conforming to EN-ISO 13849, PL e, cat. 4EN-SIO 13849