Indel Software Highlights 2023

Release 23.4.0

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Indel Software Highlights 2022

Discover the highlights from our software releases 21.7.0 to 22.4.5 and download the latest release from our FTP server today.

Release Highlights 21.7.0 to 22.4.5


  • Support for GIN-MAX4x4 PRO compact motion boards
  • Support for IMP-MAS3 modules
  • Support for IMP-PAS module (new GinLink bus coupler for IMP modules)
  • Support for up to 16 CPU cores for future product generations
  • 64-bit support for future product generations
  • Introduction of a new interpolator 'Polynom' for motion paths – It allows multi-dimensional segments of any type (e.g. linear and circular segments) to be connected in a two-way continuous manner.
  • Support for 3D axis scaling correction
  • Support for asymmetric RAM layouts on COP-MAS2 dual core systems (e.g. 192/64MB instead of the default 128/128MB)
  • Support for two different COPBus categories on symmetrically running COP-MAS2 dual core variants (e.g. 4kHz on core 0 and 16kHz on core 1)
  • Support of NVRAM variables for INOS Desktop
  • OPC UA client/server encryption
  • Execute OPC UA server-side method calls asynchronously – This keeps the server responsive when clients perform (long-running) invocation procedures.
  • Optimised task queue handling (about 5 times faster than the old CINOSQueue)
  • Support for CiA402 axes in 'csp' mode (Cyclic Synchronous Position Mode) including all types of homing methods offered by the third-party drive.
  • Optimised homing technique for McRobot axes - the reference is searched multiple times to avoid interferences.
  • Optimised trajectory generator for MoveApp in MoveApp situations
  • Support for global system events – They offer system-wide synchronisation possibilities (fieldbus master and all slaves) and can be used, for example, to trigger several variable loggers simultaneously.
  • McRobot support for COP-VC8 valves
  • Support for binary compatible GIN-PCIe and IMP-MAS4 images
  • New property 'Description' for INCO items – It allows to describe a variable/folder and is displayed in an additional column in an actual INCO explorer.
  • The development repository was migrated from Subversion to Git.


  • The update to Eclipse 2021-06 brings benefits from 3 years of work of the open-source community.
  • The feature settings dialog has been reworked to be faster and more convenient to work with. Features are no longer grayed out by dependencies, but you can select anything and will automatically be asked about any required additional features. Find features more quickly with the filter field.
  • All feature settings are now explicitly stored in the project, no longer just deviations from defaults, so you can now update INOS without fearing that any changes to defaults brought in by the update will break your project. Existing projects are automatically upgraded to store everything, but remain compatible with older versions of iDev.
  • When an INOS update does require changes to your feature settings or brings new features that you may be interested in, a new dialog informs you about the new settings.
  • Compiler toolchains Clang 12 and Clang 13 are now available in addition to GCC.
  • Debugging is now possible with GDB 11, the latest version. GDB 7.6 is still supported and remains the default for most targets for now.


  • Formulas for computed Varlog channels have gained more capabilities.
  • Zooming and cursors in McLog now work more like in Varlog and Tasklog, and the mouse wheel can be used for zooming and scrolling in all three.


  • A new context menu allows more convenient copying and pasting.


  • All tools are now available on Ubuntu 20.04 and 22.04 for both amd64 and arm64 systems.


  • The development repository has moved from Subversion to Git.

DOC.INDEL.CH (only accessible with developer login)

Russikon, June 2022