Indel Software Highlights 2023

Release 23.4.0

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SPS - Smart Production Solutions 2023

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Indel Software Highlights

Discover the highlights from our software releases 17.12.0 to 19.2.0 and download the latest release from our FTP server today.

INOS on the desktop
Your INOS application can now be tested not only on the Indel master, but also directly on the developer PC thanks to INOS Desktop. As a native Windows or Linux process, your original C++ and Lua code runs and can run through all your machine processes with simulated hardware. Simply request a license from Indel, select the desktop target in iDev, recompile, done. 

New templates are available for the McRobot framework which make it much easier to register C++ methods as McRobot commands and thus increase the efficiency when programming McRobot modules.

Modern communication
With the JavaScript library for INCO V, which is now available with a stable API in release 1.0, your HMI communicates with any Indel device directly from the web browser – whether on the desktop, on the smartphone or on the Indel GIN-HMI. The GetVariable, PutVariable and CallProcedure functions known from INCO 4 have thus been put on a modern basis and supplemented by additional functionality.

OPC UA communication is now also implemented directly on the Indel products. Thus all Indel masters can be addressed directly via OPC UA, an intermediate Indel OPC to INCO Bridge on a Windows PC is no longer necessary.

More convenient development
With the update to the Eclipse platform “Oxygen”, the development environment iDev has benefitted from 2 years of work of the worldwide developer community, most notably support for high-resolution displays – no more tiny buttons! Added by Indel, the new multi-core debugger shows you at a glance what’s happening on all processor cores, eliminating the need to tediously switch between cores. Breakpoints can now again be set very early in the startup process, also with the modern workflow based on Indel images. The GCC 7 compiler brings you the latest C++14 and C++17 standards, and INOS features are now described in more detail directly in the selection dialog.

Optimize axis control
In addition to position control, the Indel Axis Tuner can now also analyze current control using Bode sweeps. This makes its proven graphical tools even more useful for optimizing the parameters for fast and stable control.

Download the latest Indel Tools release 19.2.0 for Windows from our FTP server today. By the way, has the choice there between “lite” and “full” and “noIMD” ever confused you? Us also! That's why we have now given the installers the same meaningful names as the Linux packages: “IndelToolsSetup-development” for developers, “IndelToolsSetup-tools” for commissioning and monitoring, as well as the newly added “IndelToolsSetup-runtime” for the minimum setup of a machine PC.

DOC.INDEL.CH (only accessible with developer login)

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