Indel Software Highlights 2023

Release 23.4.0

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SPS - Smart Production Solutions 2023

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Indel Software Highlights

Discover the highlights from our software release 17.08.0 and download the latest release from our FTP server today.

New timing analysis tool - Indel Tasklog
In addition to the well-tried LoggerKO, the new INIX-based and consequently even more user-friendly version called Tasklogger is now available. The new version brings Varlog's familiar operating convenience for the time analysis of tasks: Zoom, move, show and hide, sort by and much more. The new Tasklogger runs like all other Indel Tools on Windows and Linux.

Accurate time synchronization between Indel Varlog, Indel Tasklog und Indel McLog
You have Varlogs, Tasklogs, and McLogs of a system that overlap chronologically? Excellent! All three tools can now be linked by a mouse click. From there on the time range of the three applications is always kept synchronized. Through this substantial renewal, events between the various protocols, which are related to each other, can now be even better recognized and analysed. This does not only save acquisition costs, but also increases the flexibility as the Indel Analysis Tools can be linked to an Indel control at any time, even during operation. You cannot get an overview more efficiently!

Automated reading of data
Thanks to the newly added Indel Tasklog library "libtasklog" and the newly added Indel Varlog command line program "varlog-cli", the Indel analysis tools can now be started directly and automatically from a customer application in order to read out operating data without starting the Indel Tool. Additional interaction by an operator is not necessary anymore.

News from the development environment
Through numerous improvements to the iDev development environment over the past months, Indel proudly announces that the duration for the start of a compilation has been reduced significantly. This makes iDev much snappier than ever before! In addition, new INOS projects now also include a simple McRobot sample application, which can be used as a template or can be deleted as required.

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