Indel Software Highlights 2022

Release 22.4.5

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Stand-Alone Masters

Label: GIN-SAM5

GinLink Gigabit Ethernet Fieldbus Master

16 ARM Cortex-A72 Cores, 2.2 GHz

OPC UA Communication


GIN-SAM5 CPU boards are designed for use in industrial environments with exceptionally complex and high technical requirements.

As a fieldbus controller for the Indel Gigabit Ethernet fieldbus GinLink, GIN-SAM5 can operate over 100 coordinated servo axes with a closed-loop bus frequency of up to 16 kHz thanks to its high transmission rate.


2 × GinLink Gigabit Ethernet Fieldbus
1 × Gigabit Ethernet (GbE)
1 × EtherCAT
2 × M.2 (Key M)
1 × microSD
2 × SIO (RS232 / RS485)

Interfaces with Hilscher comX

Profinet, Profibus, CANopen, EtherNet/IP…


ARM Cortex-A72
2.2 GHz    8-core /
2.2 GHz 16-core


8 GByte SDRAM, DDR4-3200


2 MByte


64 MByte

Operating system

Indel-Realtime-OS (INOS)

Motion control

Max. 256 axes
Max. 128 kHz position loop


H 280 × W 46 × D 129 mm

A wide range of standard and expansion interfaces are already integrated in all options. Thanks to modern specifications such as M.2 Key M, this controller can be easily expanded by integrating graphics cards and SSDs. 

As with all other Indel CPU boards, OPC UA communication is implemented directly in the machine software. As OPC UA is flexible and completely platform-independent, it is considered the ideal communication protocol for implementing Industry 4.0.

Label: GIN-SAM5
Option: 16x2.2G

Indel-No.: 612159980

High-speed master with 16-core CPU

  • 2.2 GHz 16-Core ARM
  • 2 × GinLink, 2 × SIO

Label: GIN-SAM5
Option: 8x2.2G

Indel-No.: 612159940

High-speed master with 8-core CPU

  • 2.2 GHz 8-Core ARM
  • 2 × GinLink, 2 × SIO